1. Certifications

a. AENOR ISO 9001 Certificate(pdf)
b. IQNet ISO 9001 Certificate (pdf)
c. AENOR ISO 14001 Certificate (pdf)
d. IQNet ISO 14001 Certificate (pdf)
e. AENOR ISO 166002 Certificate (pdf)
f. Certifying Company
AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification, is a certification body accredited in Spain by ENAC (the National Certifiers Accreditation Body) with numbers 01/C-SC003, 01/C-MA001 and 01/C-SG025. AENOR is a member of the IQNet NETWORK (International Quality System Certification Network), whose members operate in accordance with European guideline EN45012. IQNet is a certification network whose members include the main such bodies from 25 countries. As such, mutual recognition agreements have been signed between them whereby the certificates issued by each body are valid in all member states
2. Quality management

OX-CTA Compañía de Tratamiento de Aguas SL has made a firm commitment to implementing a quality and continual improvement strategy for managing all the company's processes and activities by applying the very highest standards of quality and excellence.

External audits that allow the company to maintain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 166002 certification are carried out annually. These audits have been incorporated into a single review process to optimise integrated system management processes, with their scope broadening year after year as the company's activities widen.
3. Environmental management

OX has a fully UNE-EN ISO 14001 Standard compliant Integrated Management System that allows it to reduce environmental risks, thereby improving resource management and optimising the processes required to comply with legally and internally established requirements.

The main objectives of this Integrated Management System include:
• Reducing environmental risks, thereby improving the company's environmental management in line with its commitment to protect the environment.
• Improving the environmental training and awareness of its employees.
• Strengthening the external image of an environmentally aware company that is committed to sustainable development and is respectful to the environment.

The company's Environmental Goals, which are aimed towards aligning environmental management with its Business Plan, are defined within the framework of the Integrated Management System. These Goals are established on the basis of the detection and identification of critical environmental aspects for which a program of environmental targets and objectives, including the assignment of responsibilities, resources and deadlines, is established. The work lines along which these Environmental Goals are based include:
1. Improving the behaviour of global emissions and spill indicators
2. Improving waste control and management.
3. Increasing energy efficiency and saving.
4. Reducing the consumption of natural resources and enhancing the use of more environmentally friendly resources.
4. R+D+I management

Ever since its creation, OX-CTA, Compañía de Tratamiento de Aguas SL has considered the establishment of research, development and innovation strategies to be one of the key pillars for the development and maintenance of its business activities. Research, development and innovation are strategic variables that allow OX-CTA to overcome any of the challenges that may arise as part of its attempts to develop revolutionary yet environmentally friendly products and technologies.

Over the past 5 years, the company has undertaken R+D+I projects in all its business areas in collaboration with companies, universities, technology centres, industrial organisations and public institutions via collaboration programs and agreements. Working together whilst following an open innovation model allows R+D activities that both improve the competitiveness of our company and generate social and national wealth to be undertaken.

This commitment to innovation is widely recognised by the large number of projects undertaken by the company, many of which, in light of their quality, have been awarded additional funding from both public and private national and international organisations.

Indeed, the fact that our R+D+I Management System was certified to meet UNE standard 166002 in 2009 is a clear sign of the company's commitment to excellence as far as the management of its R+D+I activities is concerned.
5. Accreditation of OX's laboratories

The accreditation of OX's laboratories is formal recognition of their technical competence and allows our clients to rapidly identify and select reliable testing services. To maintain this accreditation, our laboratories are re-assessed on a regular basis by a certifying body (ENAC) to ensure their compliance with the established requirements and to verify that their operating standards are maintained over time. The laboratory is also requested to participate in relevant proficiency testing programs in addition to the re-assessments as an additional means of demonstrating its technical competence.

In contrast to ISO 9001 certification, laboratory accreditation is based on specifically designed criteria and procedures to determine technical competence, thereby guaranteeing that the results of any tests performed by the laboratory or inspection service for its clients are correct and reliable.

OX laboratories was first accredited in 2009, with the scope of this accreditation subsequently being extended in 2011. The laboratory's technical competence covers the following fields:
- The technical skills of its staff.
- The validity and adaptation of its test methods.
- The traceability of measurements and calibrations to national standards.
- The proficiency, calibration and maintenance of the equipment used.
- The performance of testing under the appropriate environmental conditions.
- The appropriate handling and transport of samples to ensure that testing is performed correctly.
- Quality assurance of the test results.

a. Accreditation scope (pdf)
b. Accreditation certificate (pdf)