Plant Health Defence
OX-CTA's wide-ranging and in-depth research has led to the development of phytosanitary defence products suitable for use in both conventional and ecological agriculture that guarantee the protection of plants and crops against the pests and diseases that affect them whilst remaining environmentally and consumer friendly.


A bactericidal and fungicidal phytosanitary defence product certified for irrigation-based treatment.

Exclusive water disinfectant.

Releases oxygen, oxidises organic matter and protects tubing against biofilm formation.

Presentation: Available in 20-kg bottles, drum (200-kg) and IBC (1150-kg).


A bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal phytosanitary defence product certified for leaf- and irrigation-based treatment and for the disinfection of equipment, environments and tools. Phytofortifier. Ecological and effective.

Presentation: Available in 1-, 5 and 20-kg bottles, drum (200-kg) and IBC (1100-kg).


Algicides for irrigation systems and tank, pool and large reservoir maintenance.

Prevent mat formation and the blockage of irrigation system components.

Effective against all kinds of algae.

Presentation: Available in 20-kg bottles, drum (200-kg) and IBC (1100-kg).


A foaming hand and body soap containing state-of-the-art disinfectants, moisturisers and softeners to guarantee complete disinfection of the skin, thereby ensuring its moisturising and care. Presentation: Available in 1-L dosing bottles and 25-kg tubs.

• Use biocides safely. Always read the label and information about the product before using. (According to article 21RD 1054/202).

• Check with OX-CTA (tel. +34974214124) if the product you are interested in is registered in the country where you wish to use it, as registration is necessary for the authorisation of certain product uses.

• Request the FDS or product label from OX-CTA (tel. +34974214124) to check the classification of the products displayed with the registry of your country. (According to article 13 Directive 1999/45/CE Distance trading and Article 48 Regulation 1272/2008 Advertising).

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