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OX Group is a leading business group whose main activities are centred on the development, implementation and management of Integrated Biosafety Solutions. Its growth is based on R+D+I+A (research + development + innovation + application of the innovation), the maximisation of human capital and internationalisation.
The Group's main activities are based around:
R+D: By way of its own researchers and in collaboration with external experts in joint R+D+I projects.
INNOVATION AND ITS APPLICATION: The development of unique products and patented technologies in the field of special disinfections.
MANUFACTURING: with commitments based on safety, health protection and caring for the environment.
PRODUCT MARKETING the very latest, highly stable and effective.
APPLICATION OF TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS with confirmed and guaranteed results.
LABORATORY to control all the activity's cycle and as an external treatment and services control provider in the fields of waters, food, the environment and surfaces.
As experts in the field of Biosafety, application of our “know how” guarantees the effectiveness of our treatments at all times.
OX Group can count on a highly specialised team that forms part of a program of continual improvement based on continual training, the ongoing search for new talents and the generation of an ideal climate for the generation of ideas that guarantee the continuity of the project.
OX Group continues to provide the services launched by its parent company: OX-CTA. Our commitment is to become a Technology Partner for our clients rather than simply a supplier. Our in-depth understanding of the market allows us to provide added value by continually proposing improvements that guarantee a biosafety-based approach aimed at improving the products and services we provide for our clients.
OX Group is fully committed to research, development, innovation and its application (R+D+I+A), as can be seen from its active participation in numerous innovative national and international projects. OX Group “is a market leader in research into contamination control and/or elimination” , and its activities in that field are governed by the following basic principles:
  • Research-based innovation is the main foundation that ensures the continuity of the OX project.
  • Our commitment to care for the environment, following a series of key activities concerned with the development of 100% biodegradable products and solutions, energy saving and the conscious and restrained use of the resources available.
  • Our social commitment, as exemplified by our social responsibility towards our employees, their families and the social environment; non-discrimination and equal opportunities; and conciliation as the cornerstones of our internal and external activities.
In accordance with these values, responsibility is closely linked to protecting health quality and environmental safety using proprietary and highly technologically advanced applications.
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