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Conferences in Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Neiva (Colombia)

Participation in the Aquaculture conference in Guayaquil (Ecuador) and the Aquaculture Conference in Neiva (Colombia), presenting new biosafety management tools for a sustainable aquaculture.

OX-CTA patents a continuous monitoring system

In 2011, OX-CTA patented a continuous monitoring system (SMC-OX) for automatic collection of zooplankton samples for the identification and counting of larvae of marine and freshwater mussels.

New range of products specific for cow´s milk

Development of three new udder hygiene and care products for the dairy cattle industry. One pre-dipping and two post-dipping products which perfectly balance the sanitizing strength of their active ingredients with the use of state-of-the-art raw materials with moisturizing and protective properties that guarantee perfect hydration.

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