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International Hatchery Practice includes an article about INTELLIGENT DISINFECTION IN BREEDER FARMS by Dr. María Somolinos.

Preventive measures have assumed a key role in any production system and thus a well designed biosecurity program can be the difference between the success and the complete failure of a breeding company. The best results can be achieved when cleaning and disinfecting procedures are carefully planned and carried out in a proper way.

Neil Duncan, IRTA researcher, shows how to treat sea bass with OX-AQUACULTURE. July 2014

In view of the development of the aquaculture sector, each day is more important a proper control of pathogens with products that respect the environment, the industry workers and the end users. An excellent alternative for this are our products OX-VIRIN and OX-AQUACULTURE. Learn from Neil Duncan (IRTA researcher) how to perform a correct ...

Clinical Case: Control of PFTS. Published in the swine forum www.pig333.com.

The aim of this article is to study the influence that has the correct management of biosecurity in a pig farm affected PFTS in a breeding farm with 1100.

Thanks to the implementation of the program of biosafety management using OX-NETAL, OX-VIRIN, OX-AGUA 2G and OX-S4 achieved a substantial improvement in the yield of the ...

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