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PED virus OX article published in September in IPT Magazine. Sept 2014

An Intelligent Biosafety Management on pig farms affected by PED virus is a key factor to avoid spreading such harmful virus.


OX-VIRIN is an elite-disinfectant very effective against Coronaviridae virus so it is also highly recommended to control PED virus. This eco-friendly disinfectant was tested under different ...

International Dairy Topic includes the article Prevention and Intelligent control of Prototheca in dairy cattle farms.

The renowned magazine International Dairy Topic publishes the article “Prevention and Intelligent control of Prototheca in dairy cattle farms” written by Dr. María Somolinos.

Infection with Prototheca is being responsible in recent times of serious mastitis that can cause high economic losses in ...

Developing an Intelligent Biosecurity Strategy. PIG INTERNATIONAL may/june 2104

Biosafety management on pig farms is a key factor because it represents an essential tool to ensure maximum profitability, food safety and animal welfare.

Read more about the results of implementing an Intelligent Biosecurity Strategy in the article published in the well-known publication PIG INTERNATIONAL  in the May/June 2014 ...

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