Our commitment
                            to the environment:
100% biodegradable products
OX core,
    with a specific personalised
          formula for each product
Highly effective
Innovation and its application
    are the cornerstones
                               of our project
3E solutions,
    Effective, Ecological and
              Economically viable
    as part of customised

Animal Health

  • Technical Biosafety Audits
  • 3E Global Solutions in Hygiene and Disinfection:

  • - Bovine Sector
  • - Aquaculture Sector
  • - Poultry Sector
  • - Swine Sector
  • - Multispecies
  • - OX-VET Products

Plant Health Defence

  • Water Treatment
  • Pipe cleaning and disinfection
  • Health defence applications in the field

Public Health

  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Integrated swimming pool and leisure centre solutions
  • Personal Hygiene

Food Industry

  • Implementation and maintenance of HACCP systems
  • OX Analytical Laboratories
  • Biosafety Audits

Invasive Aquatic Species

Eradication, prevention, control and monitoring using patented technologies:
  • - Zebra Mussel
  • - Algae
  • - Salt-water mussel

Environmental Hygiene Services

  • Legionella Control
  • Integrated Pest Control
  • Bird Control and Culling
Technical meeting VIV MEA


During the celebration of VIV MEA which was hold in Abu Dhabi from February 5th to 7th, Grupo

OX ...

VIV MEA February 5-7,2018- Abu Dabhi, U.A.E. MEET US AT OUR BOOTH #G171-Hall 8

Everything is ready for the second edition of the VIV MEA, where Grupo Ox will participate as exhibitor.

The ...

ACANTHAMOEBA, the most common protozoa in our waters


The publication for veterinarians and technicians of the Animal ...

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