Food Industry

Biosafety Audits

OX-CTA, the biosafety design, implementation and management specialist, provides the food industry with a Technical Audit program overseen by a specialised technical team in order to develop specific cleaning and disinfection protocols that meet the specific needs of each client. OX's work protocols guarantee food safety and compliance with internal company and environmental regulations, whilst optimising manufacturing processes and taking into account operational efficiency and brand integrity.


Specialised OX technicians make a brief presentation to section heads and the professionals concerned regarding the objectives of the audit.

These section heads are then responsible for making a general presentation regarding the plant and production processes, as well as any other activities considered necessary by the auditors.

All documentation concerning standard operating procedures, cleaning and disinfection procedures and plant maintenance are examined (review of protocols or APPCC guidelines and BCR or IFS standards).

The auditors inspect the plant on the basis of the documents examined.

Once inspection is complete, the technical auditors prepare a preliminary report containing the analytical results obtained using the samples taken during the inspection. This report is presented to the section head both verbally and in writing, thus allowing all necessary corrective measures to be taken immediately or, if applicable, the report to be modified.

The final report is sent to the client together with the definitive proposal.

Legal compliance: Spanish legislation currently obliges all companies in the food sector to implement a self-control system based on hazard analysis and critical control points. This obligation also extends to companies in the primary sector.

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