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OX Laboratories was established in 1998 with a clear remit for quality and customer service. Specialised in the water-treatment and environmental-health sectors, and at the forefront of new technologies, it relies on a highly qualified technical team, thus making it one of the leading private analytical laboratories.
Technology, confidence and credibility: As demonstrated by our accredited tests and the satisfaction of our clients.
Technical competence: Technical advice and continual attention provided by our specialised staff.
Speed: Results sent in short period of time. Immediate notification of non-compliant results.
Quality control: We participate in intercomparison exercises with both national and international laboratories.
Personalised sales service: Budgets adapted to our clients' needs.
Sampling: Sample collection service. We provide all sampling materials required Sampling training for our clients' maintenance staff.
Confidentiality: All information provided by our clients, and the results of all analyses and studies, are treated as strictly confidential in accordance with current Data Protection law.
  • Drinking (human, animal, bottled), continental (cooling circuits, swimming pools, fountains, irrigation, wells) and waste-water testing.
  • Determination of physicochemical and microbiological parameters.
  • SINAC Reporting
  • Legionella determination
  • Determination of microcystins in water.
  • Evaluation of waters for production of human drinking water and treatment and disinfection systems advice.
  • Food analysis.
  • Feed analysis.
  • Health and hygiene assessment of handlers, utensils and work surfaces in contact with foods.
  • Result assessment reports and corrective actions in food hygiene.
  • Evaluation of environmental contamination in air-conditioning systems.
R+D+I Laboratory
  • Internal research and development unit for proprietary products.
  • Design and characterisation of biocide formulations.
  • Efficacy studies for biocides using in environmental hygiene, agrifood safety and animal health.
  • Optimisation in semi-real installations.
  • Simulation of water circuits for:
  • - Chemical water treatments.
    - Combined (physical/chemical) water treatments.
    - Development of 'customised' projects and tests
  • Legislation: in the fields of public health, animal health and agrifood safety.
  • Nutritional advice: diet preparation, menu planning and nutritional recommendations.
  • Legionellosis-control advice for at-risk installations.
  • Implementation of a Biosafety Pack (using HACCP methodology) in at-risk installations in the fields of public health, animal health and agrifood safety.
  • Advice regarding biosafety products and services.
  • Implementation of HACCP in the food industry.
  • Food industry auditing.
  • Implementation and internal auditing service for ISO Standard 22000 in the food industry.
  • We undertake training courses either in our installations or those of our clients.
  • We design training courses based on our clients' needs.
  • Training for food and water handlers.
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  • Use of cleaning and disinfection products.
  • Biosafety management.
Certified according to standard UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 and accredited by ENAC according to UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for Legionella testing and microbiological parameters in human drinking water.
Registered in the Water quality analysis laboratories census of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality. Certificates confirming the company's participation in intercomparison exercises held by the UK Health Protection Agency.
Quality Policy
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