Legionella Control and Prevention
Our enormous initial efforts have allowed OX-CTA, to position itself at the forefront of the current market, differentiating itself from its competitors by specialising in an entire range of high-quality and proprietary biocidal products, whichguarantee complete disinfection of all sites treated and providing innovative and effective solutions whilst always caring for environmental quality and remaining ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.

100% Biodegradable products.


Legionella is an environmental bacterium that can survive under a very wide range of physicochemical conditions, multiplying at between 20 and 45 °C but being destroyed at above 70 °C. Its optimal growth temperature is 35–37 °C. Its natural ecological niche includes surface waters such as lakes, rivers and pools, where it forms part of the bacterial flora. The bacterium may go on to colonise urban supply systems from these natural reservoirs and enter domestic water (hot or cold) or other systems that require water for their refrigeration processes via the water supply network.

On occasions, the poor design, lack of maintenance or incorrect maintenance of such installations favours the stagnation of water and accumulation of bacterial nutrients, such as sludges, organic matter, corrosion products and amoeba, which may form a biolayer. The presence of such a biolayer, together with an appropriate temperature, explains the proliferation of Legionella to concentrations that can lead to infection in humans.

Furthermore, if the installation contains a mechanism to produce aerosols, the bacterium may be dispersed into the surrounding air. The resulting water droplets containing the bacterium may remain suspended in the air and penetrate the respiratory apparatus upon inhalation.

The installations most commonly found to be contaminated with Legionella and identified as sources of infection include cold human drinking water circuits, domestic hot water, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, whirlpool baths, evaporative conditioners, sprinklers, fire hydrants, ornamental fountains, etc. in health centres, hotels and other buildings.

Ever since the Group's parent company OX-CTA was founded, its increasingly more important R+D+I+A (research, development, innovation and its application) department has allowed us to find the most suitable and personalised solutions for each case, going above and beyond simple compliance with current legislation (European, national and regional).


1) OX-CTA undertakes an initial inspection of the installations based on the HACCP system

  • Form the HACCP Team.
  • Describe the product and its use as well as analysis of the process using a flow chart.
  • Analyse the risks and identify the preventive measures.
  • Determine the critical control points.
  • Establish critical limits that should not be exceeded.
  • Establish a monitoring system and corrective measures.
  • Establish verification procedures.
  • Control the documentation.


  • OX's specialised technical staff perform a risk assessment to identify risks and provide an objective and numerical risk assessment that will form the basis of the working proposal.
  • Water source: Initial quality or possible contamination.
  • Stages: Storage, treatment, etc.
  • Elements and equipment: Tanks, collectors, dosing pumps, etc.
  • Materials: stainless steel, PVC, copper, etc. found in pipework, equipment and their elements.
  • Circuit diagram.


OX-CTA has its own development and production line for products to control Legionella with clear differentiating advantages with respect to more conventional treatments:

  • Greater stability and efficacy due to the incorporation of OX nuclei in their formulae.
  • Cost and time savings:
  • - Contact times are minimal, thus leading to significant savings.
    - The doses applied are optimal for disinfection and lower than those used for other biocides under similar conditions.
  • Guaranteed efficacy:
  • - pH does not affect the efficacy of our products.
    - They are effective at high conductivity.
    - They are even stable at 80 °C.
    - They can be homogeneously distributed over the entire mass of water to be treated.
  • Easy to use as they are applied using automatic dosing systems. Furthermore, the residue levels can be measured instantly using a biocide residues kit.
  • Additional benefits include the elimination of scaling and biofilms as well as Legionella .
  • In terms of environmental impact:
  • - They are 100% biodegradable.
    - They are non-toxic and harmless for the handler and the environment.
    - As they are completely harmless, any overdose becomes unimportant.
  • Finally, they do not corrode materials at the recommended usage dose.



    OX-AIRE M2

    OX-AIRE M2® is a water circuit disinfectant with a bactericidal, viricidal, sporicidal, algicidal and fungicidal action. It is also active against ciliated protozoa.
    Registered with Ministry of Health 06-100-04410 as a disinfectant against Legionella.
    Presentation: Available in 20-, 200- and 1150-kg containers.
    Efficacy: In laboratory tests, OX-AIRE M2® complies with prEN 13623 (Chemical and antiseptic disinfectants. Bactericidal activity of products against Legionella pneumophila).


    Certified for the treatment of drinking water. Suitable for the treatment of human drinking water and sanitary networks (AFCH and ACS). Registered with Ministry of Health 08-00-02362 and 08-00-02362-HA. Complies with UNE EN standard 902, type I (Chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption. Hydrogen peroxide), in an accredited laboratory. 100% biodegradable.
    Presentation: Available in 20-, 200- and 1150-kg containers.


    A disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting water circuits with a bactericidal, viricidal, sporicidal, algicidal and fungicidal action. It is also active against ciliated protozoa. Registered with the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs: 08-100-02517 as a disinfectant against Legionella.
    Presentation: Available in 5-, 20-, 200- and 1100-kg containers.
    Efficacy: In laboratory tests, OX-AIRE® COOLING TOWERS complies with prEN 13623 (Chemical and antiseptic disinfectants. Bactericidal activity of products against Legionella pneumophila).

    DLE OX

    A disinfectant specially formulated for the microbiological treatment of cooling circuit water. Registered with the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs 08-100-03481.
    Presentation: Available in 25, 70-, 250- and 1200-kg containers.
    Efficacy: In laboratory tests, complies with prEN standard 13623 (Chemical and antiseptic disinfectants. Bactericidal activity of products against Legionella pneumophila) during 60 minutes.

    OX 88

    OX-88 is a phosphonate-based anti-fouling product for use in cooling circuits that helps to avoid the build-up of inorganic scales, especially at exchange surfaces (higher temperature), and neutralises the corrosive properties of water, thus providing excellent protection. It interferes with crystal growth by way of a threshold effect and formation of a protective layer between the metal of the installations and water, thus protecting the former.
    Presentation: Available in 25, 50-, 200- and 1000-kg containers.


    A zinc chloride-based anti-fouling product for use in cooling circuits specially formulated to guarantee high stability in hard and highly basic water. It guarantees the absence of scaling, thereby providing optimal conditions for the subsequent application of anti-Legionella biocides. An anti-corrosion agent that forms an organic layer to protect against the corrosive action of water.
    Presentation: Available in 25, 50-, 200- and 1000-kg containers.

    Installation CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: cooling towers and evaporative condensers, cold drinking water and hot domestic water networks, irrigation systems, ornamental fountains, air-conditioning ducts, etc.



  • Production of the Ecobiosave Biosafety Book, which includes a logbook, documentation monitoring and updating, progress reports, improvement proposals and ongoing technical advice.
  • Revision to take into account legislative or installation changes.


    OX-COMPAÑÍA DE TRATAMIENTO DE AGUAS, SL's laboratories are certified according to UNE EN ISO standard 9001:2008 and accredited by ENAC according to UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for testing Legionella and microbiological parameters in water for human consumption.

    • Use biocides safely. Always read the label and information about the product before using. (According to article 21RD 1054/202).

    • Check with OX-CTA (tel. +34974214124) if the product you are interested in is registered in the country where you wish to use it, as registration is necessary for the authorisation of certain product uses.

    • Request the FDS or product label from OX-CTA (tel. +34974214124) to check the classification of the products displayed with the registry of your country. (According to article 13 Directive 1999/45/CE Distance trading and Article 48 Regulation 1272/2008 Advertising).

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