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Acción and Control Ambiental

Acción and Control Ambiental was created as a result of the values of the remaining companies that make up the group in order to more closely meet the needs of those clients located in the Spanish capital and with the same aim of providing its clients with an effective and high-quality biosafety service based on the rigorous health controls demanded by current legislation and taking great care not to harm the environment.
In this sense, Acción and Control Ambiental provides a broad range of biosafety solutions aimed mainly at Legionella Control and Prevention and Integrated Pest Control (DDD). This program highlights the marked demand for such services from our clients and provides them with solutions and answers to the ever-changing require of the market.


OX-CTA Colombia

OX-CTA Colombia SAS is the first subsidiary in Colombia, created for the importing and marketing of OX-CTA Spain solutions. With the same philosophy as OC-CTA, OX-CTA Colombia offers the Latin American market a series of BIOCIDE products and services designed for application in the area of complete hygiene and prevention, maintaining a commitment to care for the environment, with its ecological and biodegradable nature as a basic requirement.

OX-CTA Colombia goes further, not only importing latest generation biocide products, but also specialising in their application. Our application know-how guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment at all times: prevention and control of any type of contamination, mainly microbiological, in water, environments, surfaces and foods, in any type of controlled installation.

OX-CTA Colombia specialises in a new concept of integrated management for Biosafety, which involves using 3E solutions as a primary component:

Effective, ecological and economically viable.

Products with TECH OX-CTA® All of the products that OX-CTA Colombia offers the Latin American market have distinct qualities and the addition of OX NUCLEI to the active ingredients (100% biodegradable) are endowed with special properties, as, with a specific and bespoke formula for each product. Stabilised broad spectrum disinfectants without heavy metals.

Business areas
• Animal Health
• Plant Health Defence
• Public Health
• Food Industry
• Invasive Species in the Aquatic Medium

For more information on the services and products of each area: http://www.oxcta.com/areas.php

OX-CTA Colombia boasts a highly-qualified team of veterinarians, chemists, biologists and engineers. Daily management is based on continuous improvement, promoting permanent training and creating an atmosphere that promotes the contribution of creative and innovative ideas which ensure the continuity of the OX PROJECT in Latin America.

SANIDEX, Higiene Ambiental

Sanidex Environmental Hygiene is a subsidiary of OX Group based in Bogotá, Colombia, whose activities focus on the development, implementation and management of bespoke biosafety programmes for each client. Using the most advanced technology, its main area of activity is systems and products intended for the pest control and industrial safety.

It has a multidisciplinary human team of Biosafety TECHNICIANS AND EXPERTS, who are highly qualified and specialised in the different lines of service. Their continuous training and commitment guarantee SUCCESS AND SPECIALISATION, making adifference through the contribution of innovative and effective solutions, while at the same time protecting environmental quality and avoiding environmental degradation.

Spirit of improvement: ALWAYS.

Biosafety has intensified in a constantly changing environment due to economic globalization, technological advances, rapid development of communications, transport and commerce. This phenomenon of globalisation has increased biological and environmental risks related to human, plant and animal health. In this dynamic and fast-paced context, companies need experts who are able to solve their problems with the utmost speed, effectiveness and coordination, without placing their activity at risk nor endangering the environment:


The implementation of a bespoke Biosafety programme for each client is essential for managing health. Sanidex establishes a protocol for action in each biosafety pack, which is structured in the eight stages of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).


Vector control programmes
• Integrated urban pest management.
• De-ratting, disinfestation and disinfection (DDD).
• Bird control: population culling and building protection.
• Control and capture of specific pests.

Purification of water
• Washing and disinfection of above ground and underground drinking water tanks.
• Cleaning and disinfection of drinking water supply systems.
• Special treatments for pathogenic microorganisms: Legionella, Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium, amoebas, among others.
• Treatment of recreational water facilities: pools and spas.
• Dosing and control equipment and biocide products.

Food hygiene programmes
• Biosafety audits.
• Design and implementation of HACCP.
• Specific technology for controlling flies.
• Implementation of cleaning and disinfection programmes.
• Supply of products.

Treatment of wood diseases
• Specific treatments of xylophages.
• Baits and traps for eliminating and controlling termites.

Laboratory for analytical control
• Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of water, environments, surfaces and foods.

Industrial safety
• Diagnostics, maintenance and supply of elements for fire protection.
• Mounting, maintenance and recharging of extinguishers.
• Industrial signposting.
• Material supply: stretchers, first-aid kits, non-slip treads, etc.
• Area marking.

Maintenance of green areas
• Pruning and maintenance of gardens and parks.
• Treatments for specific pests.

Consulting and training
• Quality, Environmental Management and Legislation.
• Diagnostics in the areas of Biosafety and Industrial Safety.
• Follow-up and Supervision of Biosafety Programmes.

Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 Business excellence: Business Environmental Management Programme (GAE) from the Secretary of Environment, currently placed at level 3.


O DUE SRL, with headquarters in Italy, provides drinking water treatment and Legionella control and prevention services in the public health field, mainly in the hospital sector.
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