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The demand for biosafety has intensified in an environment of continual change resulting from economic globalisation, technological progress, and the rapid development of communications, transport and commerce. This globalisation phenomenon has increased the biological and environmental risks associated with human, plant and animal health.  
Another key factor is the increasing worldwide awareness and respect for biodiversity and the environment, which increasingly affects all aspects of life.
Finally, biosafety has one main objective:
In light of this dynamic and ever-changing environment, companies are increasingly demanding experts who can solve their problems as rapidly and efficiently as possible, in a coordinated manner, without risking their activities or harming the environment.
In this sense, SANIOX provides a broad range of biosafety solutions aimed mainly at Legionella Control and Prevention, Integrated Pest Control (DDD), Timber Treatment and Bird Pest Prevention and Control. This program highlights the marked demand for such services from our clients and provides them with solutions and answers to the ever-changing requirements of the market.
SANIOX was created to provide our clients with an effective and high-quality biosafety service based on the rigorous health controls demanded by current legislation and taking great care not to harm the environment
As such, SANIOX, with its motto COMMITTED TO BIOSAFETY MANAGEMENT, aims to provide complete hygiene in all fields of application by decreasing the risk of contamination with the final objective of continually caring for, and improving, the quality of human, plant and animal health and the environment.
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